Are you still waiting for the lockdown to over to start your inning? 

For some, this situation is a problem, for some opportunity.

For many of us, with all in Covid-19 lockdown coming to standstill, finding the right job has become a herculean task.

Especially for those who are going to start their career in the year 2020. But, finding a job during the pandemic really impossible? 

We don’t believe it! 

Here are 6 things you can prepare yourself to find a job and get your career started in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Broaden your network, Reach out to people

Make connections with like-minded positive people. As social media is an integral part of our lives, networking can be a very important part of your job hunt. There is no harm approaching your long time not seen contacts. You never know, who becomes your angel.

So, it would now be a good time to start networking. Start by adding people you meet, including your seniors, mentors, college-mates, and others whom you think should approach.

Most companies prefer to hire referrals from employees. So, consider incorporating people who work in your dream companies.

Build a rapport with these people by talking to them, follow what they share, and writing or sharing articles that interest you on social media platforms so you remain in their mind.

While sites like LinkedIn are best for making professional connections, even social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc can help you market yourself to potential employers.

Learn New Skills

It is obvious that being a just passed out from college you may not have appropriate work experience, but rights skills and competencies can help you get your dream job.

Since change is the only constant, the skills that companies are looking for in a candidate may continue to change. So, having trends and relevant skill sets on your CV would be a good idea.

Identify the key skills and competencies that employers look for in their future employees in your profession. 

Then take online courses and website certifications such as edX, Udemy, Coursera, Swayam,  etc. to enhance your skills and display them in your resume to get hired.

Try to engage yourself in some freelance jobs or internships

Knowing about your field is one thing and having practical knowledge of it is another. 

Although colleges can train us with skills and competencies, work experience may play a significant role in getting you hired.

So, in this lockdown take up a freelance job or work from home internship to get the hang of your field’s nitty-gritty and add work experience to your resume.

You can explore remote opportunities within and around your field on websites like Freelancer, Internshala, LetsIntern, LinkedIn, etc.

Prepare for interviews

To face the first job interview can be nail-biting and get you nervous. During this time, your interview shall be primarily through Telephonic or Video.

Grab this opportunity as a blessing for you. You can have some extra preparation and readiness to handle those interviews. You can take help from your notes and other statistics upon which you want to share during the interview.

Utilize your time properly to prepare in full for typical interview questions and your appropriate answers.

As most companies are recruiting remotely, it would be best to prepare for telephonic or video interviews.

If you have already bagged an interview and have an in-person session post lockdown, we suggest you get started with complete in-person interview preparation. 

You can also pen down a crisp and unique own introduction and practice to make a great first impression while introducing yourself.

Practice virtual mock interviews

Though most people do not believe in, Mock interviews help you to prepare for interviews and it boosts your confidence.

And what better time to do practice these than now?

Pick an interview partner- a mentor, friend, or family member who has experience with interviews.

Ask them to interview you and ask questions that a potential recruiter would ask.

Plan and keep your eyes open

As our economy is going through turbulence, finding the jobs you want is a task on its own.

Recruitments are seeing a slower pace with most companies going remote in the lockdown, the impact of which will remain even after we leave our homes. Even though, they are ready for people on the “First better come” basis.

That is why you have to approach your work quest with an open mind and explore multiple choices instead of sticking to your defined goals.

So plan, but stay open to opportunities, and keep an open mind to experiment with your career.

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We wish you all the best!

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