First, Let’s accept reality!

The COVID-19 outbreak has not only changed our social lives but made us face the uncertainty at work also. Many companies either communicated their staff to cut-off the salaries or asked to leave. The trend shall go forward and increase such numbers. And, that does not mean there are no opportunities in the market. I know a few of the companies laid-off its large number of employees about a month back. Now, they are again in the market for new recruitments. Norms may be changed now, like remote-working, lower salaries, and designations, etc. This, despite the central and state governments’ advisory that public and private enterprises should not axe staff or cut salaries. But, that’s a fact of life.

This is the testing time how strong as well as flexible you are. If you are one of them, time to consolidate yourself. It is how you respond now that will set you apart from others when it comes to finding a new job. When it comes to a successful job hunt, attitude is everything.  A proactive and positive mindset will differentiate you from the masses. 

Being a human, our basic nature is alike, it’s our habits are that separate us. Below are the seven habits to separate yourself from the pack, move your job application to the top of the pile, and land yourself not only back into a job, but perhaps even better one than before.

Stay Future-focused

There’s no need to fight those feelings of defeat and disappointment you’ll likely have immediately after losing your job. It’s much like a grieving period: Don’t repress these thoughts only to have them resurface later. That’s not to say you should dwell on them, but everyone needs a little time to heal. Focus on the future, and on what you need to do to set yourself up as well as possible on the job front, in how you are budgeting your money, and in your relationship with those who can help you find a new job.

If you feel the need, and can afford to do it, give yourself a break for a few days or a week or two.

You define who you are, not your job

Sure, losing your job is a very personal experience, but don’t take it too personally. There are millions.  The biggest determinant between those who succeed after setbacks of any kind is how they interpret them. People who interpret losing their job as a sign of personal inadequacy or failure are less likely to ‘get back on the horse’ in their job hunt than those who interpret it as an unfortunate circumstance that provided a valuable opportunity to grow in self-awareness, re-evaluate priorities and build resilience. You define who you are, not your job, or a company’s decision whether or not to employ you. Don’t take it as a personal rejection against you. It may well be due to COVID-19 forces far beyond your control that you found yourself out of work. Potential employers will be more attracted to people who have proven their ability to stay positive and confident despite a setback or job loss.

Surround yourself with the right people

You may need some moments of solitude while coping with job loss, but don’t isolate yourself. Friends and family can make a big difference. Being around supportive, positive people can help keep you hopeful and focused while you look for your next job. Emotions are contagious.  The people around you impact how you see yourself, your situation, and what you do to improve it. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, and avoid those who don’t. Read positive books and articles, watch inspiring movies, and remember that your family will take their cue from you. Let them know that while you may not have chosen your circumstances, you are confident that with time and effort, you will all pull through together, and be all the stronger and wiser for it.

Expand your Network

Your network is your net worth. There is something called a reference. You never know, who is going to help you get a new job. The more people who know what you want, the more who can help you get it. The vast majority of jobs are never advertised. Reach out to people you know and enlist their support in making any introductions or connections that could help you. Whatever you do, never underestimate the power of your network to open up opportunities and land you that “lucky break” you were hoping for.

Re-evaluate your options

The fact is that you have more experience in your field than you did when you applied for your previous job, so update your resume and consider applying for positions that might not have been a fit before. You also have a chance to step back and look at the bigger picture. Were you truly happy in your previous job? Or can you visualize yourself changing careers and doing something different? Think about where your interests lie and how your life experience, work background, and education can serve those passions.

Upskill yourself

You shall get plenty of time to evaluate your skill-sets and requirement as per the current trend. If you do want to continue in the same field, maybe it’s time to consider that certification you’ve thought about getting, or to dive into some continuing education or online certification courses. Many industries, such as accounting, require ongoing professional development, so why not meet those requirements while you have the time?

Keep in shape

It would be easy to slip into a sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary choices because of stress or boredom while coping with job loss. But studies show that exercise can improve both your physical and emotional health. Exercise releases endorphins that trigger positive feelings, something that can fuel the drive and motivation you’ll need during your job hunt. Get outdoors, go for a run or simple 30-minute walk, do some gardening, or just do something that lifts your spirits.

All of these ideas cost little or no money and could pay off with a renewed outlook and a better position than the one you lost. Keep your chin up and your eyes open. Coping with job loss is difficult, but you never know what’s around the corner — it could be the job of your dreams.

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